Will we work

Let´s go for it!

Who am I exactly? 😊

If you don´t know me, let me introduce myself. Hi, I am Martin Majerčin. I love technologies and I do freelancing for a living - I make digital identities (websites, SEO, logos, digital marketing etc.) for mainly local companies and several people. I tend to stick with minimalism, innovative thinking and digital security. Additionally, I have some non-profit projects which tend to help young pioneers with their soft skills and to innovate educational sector. I also have been into cybersecurity and with my skills, I have been helping many companies and people with their online security habits. In the future, I am planning to start a blog and a podcast.

How could we work together? 😇

I adore helping anyone who loves to innovate. I could help you with building/upgrading your business on technologies of the 21st century or I could mentor you in time management, self-development, school choice and so on. If you have some other ideas how could we work together, write me a message preferably on LinkedIn.